Our History

INDIGIT ® has extensive experience in Web design, Website Development, Responsive Websites, Web Application Development, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing. Looking back to the past and know what the future might bring to you, we will make this journey together.

Born from the hashes 9 years ago INDIGIT ® is a young, dynamic and innovative company based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal. Innovation and thinking out of the box are the main values at INDIGIT ® genetic code.

INDIGIT team is focused and passionate about technology and the whole new digital world, this way we always catching-up the latest trends to give your company the best ideas and advice. In a Digital age, this features and values are necessary for the great success of any business, giving brands or even small business the attention they need to engage with their costumers.

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Our values & Philosophy

But actually, what we are made of? Get to know our values.

Passion and Ambition

We work with passion and ambition making any project singular and unique. We are always looking for the best available solutions so we can help your business the best way possible. We love your ideas same as you do, embracing your project as it is our project.

Proactive & Team Work

We are proactive, always bringing innovative ideas,solutions and trying harder to accomplish our projects deadlines. Teamwork is our secret key. Thanks to our youthful team and our agile techniques we can promise you the best performance and results even before you suggest..

Innovation first

We redirect all our efforts to innovate every day, in every sector, at all levels. We all know what the past as bring to us, but we must look further to the future. Creating whats not yet created or even refreshing what is already done, let's do it together!

Meet our team

As a transparent company and to re-enforce your trust with us, we invite you to meet our amazing team!

Pedro Martins

Pedro Martins


Developer, Web-Designer, UI, UX, Social Media Marketing Specialist. Love to research about online security, reverse engineer, automation, fresh startups, cables, servers, networks and creating new and innovative ideas from the scratch.

Nuno Xavier

Nuno Xavier

Senior Developer / Team Leader 🏃‍♂️

Technology enthusiast. I love to spend my time around old fancy cars & mechanic parts, watching some series and learning about new technologies. I love to start new projects from scratch aka "fresh meat".

Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves

Senior Developer 🧛‍♀️

Young and Innovative Developer, ready to put my hands on anything that is challenging. I spend my free time watching my favourite team FC Porto, watching some documentaries, chilling with friends and listening to music, a lot!

Mariana Martins

Mariana Martins

Legal 👩‍🎓

Major in Law at Catholic University of Portugal, currently Master Student in European and International Law. I love to research about Online Rights, Online Privacy & E-Commerce & Trading and Humanitary Rights.

Catarina Sousa

Catarina Sousa

Journalist & Blogger ✍️

A former journalist on newspapers and TV, now publicist and creative mind at her own agency. Passionate about writing, creating ads and watch Law & Order. Married, mom of two adorable cats.

Mário Castro

Mário Castro

We are recruiting

How about you?

👉 We want you!

Want to be part of INDIGIT Team? Let us know your awesome skills and lets work together! We are looking for : Graphic Designers & Senior Developers. If you think you could be part our team dont hesitate to send your CV.

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