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Domain registration is the first step to building a Website. This is the name you want Customers to remember, so be creative! If what you’re looking for is unavailable, please contact us.

Everything starts with a good name...

If you have any name in mind don’t hesitate to register it!

If you have any name in mind, register it! Create and search for new Domain extensions, such as .co, .me, .rock and so on.
Creativity begins with a name!
If you have an original name in mind, you may register and park your Domain for free.

We have an Automatic Domain Registration System.

New extensions may take 24 to 48 hours for registration approval.

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Domains pricing

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TLD Registration and Renewal Registration Period Free period (*)
.pt 15 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.com 10.40 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.net 10.40 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.it 20.00 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.me 28.00 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.me 28.00 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
.co 30.00 € 1-10 Years 30 Days
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(*) The Exceptional Period prevails once a Domain expires due to lack of payment. Therefore, you may pay within 30 days (after expiring) to get your Domain back, otherwise the Domain will not be Renewed and will be kept Unavailable for a new registration for a 90-day period.

Why with us?

A few benefits in registering your Domain with INDIGIT!

Free DNS management service

The DNS management can be an exhausting process! Whenever you need, our professional team will manage your domain as quickly as possible! Don’t waste your time on things that don’t really matter.

More Extensions and Better Pricing

We have hundreds of Domains and different extensions for you, without even mentioning the prices, which are a company’s dream come true. Prices start at 9.99€ per/year for Domains ending with .com!

Identity Protection

INDIGIT provides an ID Protection service: its goal is to protect your on-line privacy, so no-one will have access to your sensitive data. Security and privacy are within our major concerns!

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