Why use a HTTPS Certificate?

Security and Reliability are extremely important nowadays. An SSL Certificate helps Customers trust payments on your Website and encrypt data between your browser and the server.

Prevent your Customers’ data to fall into the wrong hands! Securely accept credit cards on your Website. Also step up as a Google priority Website, by having a HTTPS Certificate.

Start building up your Customers’ trust!

Porque Choose SSL Certificates for your Website?

A few benefits in having your INDIGIT certificate


Every so called normal HTTP connection is text, so readable by any hacker in your network. With the HTTPS Certificate all connections are encrypted so no delicate matters are exposed to third parties!

Google Friendly

In order to guarantee that Google tags your Website safe, it must have a Certificate! In Domains without HTTPS, Google will not recommend that visitors continue inserting delicate data! Do not put your Business at stake.

Trust and Reliability

Besides increasing your Website reliability, a Certificate may also feature your company’s name! Raise your level of security so no one will have doubts on payment through your Website.

Free with LetsEncrypt ®

In partnership with LetsEncrypt ® you may now get your Certificate for unlimited Domains through your cPanel®. Yes! With INDIGIT this service is FREE! Wait no longer to get your Certificate on any DomainOnly valid for Hosting Customers

Still have questions?

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