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Unique Websites for... Unique Customers!

Each Customer, company or brand is unique. As should be your image and presence in the digital world!

At INDIGIT we make it possible, by discovering what best suits your business needs and projecting your Website in a unique way, from the beginning till the end.

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Websites Services

Learn about the diversity of services we have to offer for Web development.
From on-line stores to corporate Websites, all tailor-made.

Custom Web sites & Development
Solutions or Customized Projects

We design customized solutions for Websites and Design from scratch, fully focused on your company. Choose your functions without having to go through hundreds of plugins to get what you need.

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Web design & UI
No limit for creativity

Customized Websites design: make your digital space reflect your business soul, as a personalised design and responsive improves Customer relations. INDIGT assures that you’ll never find a Website the same as yours. Stand out positively from the competition!

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On-line Stores
WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify

Are you ready to generate and increase your sales on-line? Our digital commercial solutions, integrating various payment methods, have attractive buttons making Customers feel motivated to buy. The checkout process is also easy.

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Blogs & Content Management
CMS, WordPress, Drupal & Others

We build customized Content Management Solutions based on the needs and goals of your company! We work with the most popular systems of CMS, such as: Sitecore, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla and many more! Managing your Website has never been easier.

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Integrations at your disposal

Do you have a Website and need to integrate with third party or internal services? INDIGIT specializes in API integration and payment methods, such as: PayPal, Debit Card or Bitcoin. To make your job even easier, we also integrate invoicing systems.

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Site Keeping
Solutions to keep your Website up to date

Solutions to keep your Website up to date A Website requires maintenance, inserting new sliders, news, images or content, are just some of the tasks. This may be a hard task, but at INDIGT we offer services that keep your Website up to date, rich in content and at the front line!

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We create projects to worldwide, please find what services we have to offer around you.

Our Processes and Working Methods!

Find out more about our processes to develop your Website

web design preparacao


To better meet your needs, it’s important to define the main goal of your Website, as well as your expectations on this project.
After a primary briefing, our team will meet with you to gather relevant information and material on your business, to learn more about its ways and needs.
We will analyse your target audience and potential competitors, to figure out your Points-of-Difference (POD) and your current position in the market.
By monitoring and stepping in, besides gaining a better understanding of the process, we can ensure that all is personalized to your needs.

web design planeamento


After completing the first stage, we will establish the best strategies to follow, in order to achieve the goals of the project.
Hence, with your help, we will define which features you wish to have on your Website, and we will also send you design concepts for your approval.
We will create a draft of the Website, designing all the pages you want, enabling you to preview how it will be.
You will receive all the documents related to the planning, so you may review and point out any changes you’d like to see implemented.
Once this process is completed, all the goals will have been defined to best fit your company’s needs.
web design design


As this stage we bring your project to life.
Our design team will create a unique interface for the Website, with all details previously outlined and now put into action.
From the positioning of the contents to the colour pallet, all that concerns the Website visual aspect will be defined and accomplished.
Our team will create a practical Website with great usability. It will also be unique and will meet your needs and expectations.
Each page and item of the Website will be sent to you through a mock-up in Photoshop, for your evaluation before moving to the next step.
web design development


From this point on, all plans become functional.
Our specialized team will program all the features you desire, using the latest innovative methods, assuring your project is 100% safe, stable and organized.
Before placing your project on-line, it will repeatedly be tested, assuring it functions correctly and that it results as designed in previous stages.
Your Website is almost complete and just needs to go through Optimization.
webdesign seo


At this stage your Website is probably already available On-line. However, there is a remaining step to go through in order to guarantee its success: optimization.
Right at the beginning, in the preparation stage we learned about the positioning of your company in the market, its target audience, PODs and potential competitors.
So now, we will enhance your project to a next level. We will monitor, analyse and optimize your Website to attract more visitors and turn them into potential customers.
Would you like to know how?

Latest Projects

Know all about our most recent projects: from corporate Websites (B2B), business to consumer Websites (B2C), UI and UX

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Web Design & SEO ( 2019 )


Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games around the world. Pokemon Accounts website aims to sell personal accounts between users in a safe way. Combines a powerfull SEO e...

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GBN Travel
Web Design ( 2019 )


Skyrocket your Tourism Agency sales with the one, the only and the best B2B Tourism platform available in Portugal. Book Hotels, Flights, Transfers to multiple cities or destinatio...

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