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To reach your goal you need to climb one step at a time. Jumping quickly or fast and low-cost sites can leave your business with a bad reputation and as such drive away potential customers. Trust the image of your company to the best professionals.

Web design & Wordpress

Get the right customers, outdoing competitors and struggling to reach the podium is only possible with a unique website with a personalized design. Templates created from scratch by INDIGIT make your site highly different from all others, whether we are talking about Wordpress pages, Shopify themes or projects in PHP. If you are from Braga you have found the real web design experts for your business.

Sell more with your Online Store

Want to get your company in the digital world with a sales platform ? Keep up with the trends and do not let yourself be left behind! Soon most of the purchases made through the Internet will be around 60%, and online stores grow every day! Get in touch with us and see how we create your very own site, integrating the main platforms (Wordpress - Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento), get also SEO optimization. If you do not want to see more abandoned carts, and want to convert customers into sales create your online store and sell not only in Braga but Worldwide!

Unique Sites & Development

Have an exclusive project, and want to move from theory to practice but you can not do it alone? Wordpress and other similar platforms are not enough for what you want, nor with 1001 plugins? See the unique projects that INDIGIT has already developed, nationally and internationally, and know that we can help you! For any product: tell us what you want to do, we develop! Put your idea on-line before your competitor does!

Web Design Agency at Braga

The importance of your website at Braga

Do you want to make of your company in Braga an on-line success?

Do you wish to expand the visibility of your business in the digital world and generate traffic that will make you thrive even further? The secret lies at INDIGIT ®! You can count on the best customised support in the market, along with a guaranteed successful and excellent service.

If you wish to create a responsive website from scratch, INDIGIT ® can create a functional and friendly-user platform through its development services and web pages design!

But there is more: if you already have your web page and wish to turn it into the best on-line experience you can offer your clients and your team, you have a wide range of features at your disposal aiming at polishing that rough diamond:
You will have at your disposal hosting web plans, solutions for e-commerce and the management of blogs contents, site keeping, and also external services integration into your platform or even apps development.

Marketing will not be a problem either: INDIGIT ® offers you several support strategies to boost the visibility of your business.

Whether it is SEO optimization or ads cost-effectiveness, newsletter or hyperlink development, social media management or design and branding, INDIGIT ® deals with all the necessary details in order to promote your business and make it profitable.

Be distinctive not only in Braga, but throughout the digital world. Grow with us!


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