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Filled with young and new talents, Coimbra is a city full of history. But just like this great city never stops in time, you need to keep your company keeping up with new technologies and creating your online presence. Learn how we can help!

Web Design Services

Having a site with unique design makes your company more interesting, keeps customers loyal, attracts others and leaves the competition far away! The templates designed by INDIGIT guarantee that your website will be unique in any platform: Wordpress, Shopify or even mid-sized sites. Stand out in the crowd in Coimbra with a unique web design.

Virtual Stores

Having your company to sell online is crucial since within just two years it is estimated that only 40% of purchases are made in physical spaces. Digital stores are growing more and more and your brand can not be left behind! INDIGIT can create your online store in Wordpress with Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento platforms, and many others, and even optimizes SEO! Do not let your business in Coimbra lose sales and potential customers!

Tailored Sites

Do not know how to develop a fantastic idea you had for your business or company? Is Wordpress and other platforms, even with plugins, no longer enough? Achieve the desired results with INDIGIT! Explore the projects we have already developed from scratch for hundreds of customers globally and see how we can help you grow. Stock management software, create digital custom stores, API integrations and many more. Do not let your competitors get your place! Make it online asap.

Web Design Company, Online Shops at Coimbra

Our Digital Services for Coimbra

Coimbra, the well-known city of students, filled with dreams and ambitions from those searching for new, innovative and cutting-edge opportunities.

If your business is based in Coimbra, then be inspired through the motivation of others that stroll by, to spruce up your business. INDIGIT ® will help you keep up with the pace, through several high-class technical and digital services, intended to create an impact on your on-line visibility.

Modernize and upgrade your digital presence with the support of INDIGIT ®:

design your own website from scratch through web development services or make the existing one more user-friendly for you and your public, by receiving expert advice in e-commerce, management of contents, site keeping, WordPress, development of web and mobile apps, including external services or through linux hosting plans.

Besides a great deal of experience in designing or improving on-line websites, INDIGIT ® has a great deal of marketing strategies at your disposal. Make the most of your on-line presence by: getting support on social media management, ads cost-effectiveness, browser optimization, support in backlink generation, newsletter publishing and also mediation in all that has to do with designing and creating logos.

Be part of Coimbra’s passionate and inspiring spirit, driving your company into a successful case study.

Conquer the on-line world and make a difference!


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